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We take the process of psychological testing seriously. We construct our psychometric tests by experienced psychologists. We offer fast & free results plan also.

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myIQio website is used by more than 1 million people every year. It provides 50 different tests in 3 languages, with over 20 questions per test!

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You may not want your name or identity revealed. So, we provide an anonymous test experience. No account required!

MyIQio Story


MyIQio started working on its first psychometric test in 2014. Its first test was dedicated to all sorts of purposes.

Since then, the company has started developing and automating online psychometric tests. Today, we are offering the most accurate intelligence test & personality tests.

From quick, informative to very comprehensive and elaborate, we focus primarily on individuals. But these same tools are also used by guidance counselors, teachers, psychologists and coaches around the world.

MyIQio provides this service with a focus on automation so that people around the world quickly receive their personalized assessment. Without waiting weeks!

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Testimonial iq test myiqio

After taking the intelligence test, I was able to learn so much more quickly. It’s amazing what you can find out about yourself! it is very precise intelligence test

– Isabelle C.

Testimonial iq test myiqio

I have found that both the classic test and the modern test are very accurate. they helped me get an idea of my intelligence so I can work to improve it

– Alex R.

Testimonial iq test myiqio

The dedicated intelligence test for kids helped me discover my child’s abilities. But above all, the test helped me to direct my kid to the things he likes. Thank you!

– Hannah B.

Testimonial iq test myiqio

Personality test results are reported in an easily digestible format. The person taking it will know what their strengths and weaknesses really mean.

Martin R.