Ashton Kutcher IQ, Life and Career


Ashton Kutcher IQ, Life and Career

Ashton Kutcher is one of the most famous successful actors and in many other fields as well, due to Ashton Kutcher IQ he could be what he dreams of.

Many actors have successes but the most famous are developing their career path such as Ashton Kutcher who was first an actor and then a producer.

Being a genius is your chance to use your high IQ to develop yourself and change your life.

Let’s see how Ashton Kutcher reached his dream although the struggles that he had passed through it since childhood.

Who is Ashton Kutcher?

His name is Christopher Ashton Kutcher and he was born on February 7, 1978, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

He is an American actor and producer who have passed through many difficulties to be at that place today.

In addition, he began as a model then he acted in his first movie That ’70s Show which gained great success.

Moreover, he got many Awards that prove his talent, and he has millions of fans all over the world.

Let’s see how Ashton Kutcher IQ affected his life.

Ashton Kutcher IQ

As we have mentioned, Ashton Kutcher has a high IQ, which helped him reach his success.

Ashton Kutcher IQ is 160, so he is definitely a genius that his IQ score test passed the normal average.

There are many actors and actresses who had high scores such as Will Smith, Marline Monroe, and Megan fox.

Most people have an IQ of about 85 which is normal; however, those who pass 130 have a genius mind. So, Ashton Kutcher has a high IQ which we will notice in his childhood and adulthood as well.

Ashton Kutcher childhood

Ashton Kutcher was born on February 7, 1978, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in the United States of America. Besides he has Irish origins through his mother.

His father was Larry Kutcher, who worked at the General Mills factory, while his mother, Diane Kutcher, worked at Procter & Gamble Company.

In addition, Ashton Kutcher had one elder sister and a twin brother Michael. The most painful struggle for Ashton is that his twin brother had open heart surgery which affected Ashton.

He went through depression as he loved his brother a lot and he was afraid that he will die. Thus, he didn’t want to go the home and hear bad news about him.

Moreover, Ashton worked during his childhood in different jobs such as carpentering or farming as well.

So, his childhood was not happy as his parents fought a lot till they divorced which made Ashton sad and wanted to commit suicide.

Ashton Kutcher education

Kutcher joined Washington High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and after one year his family moved to Tiffin, Iowa. So, he joined Clear-Creek Amana High School.

However, during his last year at secondary school, he and his cousin broke into the high school to steal it, and there was a turning point in Kutcher’s life, as he was imprisoned for three years, which led to the loss of scholarships.

This experience affected Ashton Kutcher a lot, as he noticed that he lost a lot when he used his intelligence in stealing.

In addition, his girlfriend left him and he was shunned by society as a result of his disgraceful act.

Kutcher attended the University of Iowa, where he majored in biochemical engineering, as he dreamed of finding a cure for his heart-ill brother.

Ashton Kutcher career path

We also mentioned that Ashton Kutcher’s IQ is high, which helped him work in more than one field in order to save money. So, his career path includes different jobs such as:

A worker

At the beginning of his life, he worked at the General Mills plant where his mother worked. So, he worked in the grain department.


While studying at the university in Iowa, he frequented a bar, and there was a chance to meet with the stargazer.

The beginning of his success as a model was when he won first place in a competition for new models in Iowa. The prize was a trip to New York City for the International Modeling and Talent Convention (IMTA).


Ashton Kutcher’s success contributed to his widespread fame and travel to Los Angeles.

Ashton Kutcher’s intelligence helped him develop himself and exploit his fame, as he auditioned for acting and won the role of Michael Kelso in the TV series That ’70s Show. He began acting in 1998 and ended in 2006.

His first series was a great success and he presented a large series of films and series.


Kutcher produced and starred in his own series on MTV’s Punk’d in 2003, and then produced more than one successful program such as:

  • Reality TV Shows Beauty and Obsession.
  • Hollywood adventure.
  • Mafia and the real wedding crashers program.
  • Opportunity game program.

Ashton Kutcher awards

Ashton has got many Awards which proves that Ashton Kutcher IQ is high. These awards include such as:

  • Best Motion Picture Actor in 2004 for Just Married, My Chief’s Daughter and Cheaper by the Dozen
  • Favourite TV Actor in 2005 for ‘That ’70s Show and Punk’d
  • Nominated for Favorite Voice in a Cartoon in 2007
  • TV Favorites in 2004 That ’70s Show, Punk’d
  • Sierra Award Nominated in 2000 for Best Male Newcomer Friendly, Where’s My Car?
  • Nominated for Best Performance in 2001 by a New Actor for Dude, Where’s My Car?

In conclusion, Ashton Kutcher IQ led him to success as he used it to improve himself and his life. Nowadays he is one of the most loved actors as he got the fan’s sympathy after he told the audience about his twin brother. In addition, he said about his days at the jail as well. So, he changed his life by using his IQ for getting back on the right path. You also can make the IQ test to know your score. Don’t hesitate and do it now and tell us about your score.