Terence Tao IQ, Childhood, Mental Abilities, Career and Awards


Terence Tao IQ, Childhood, Mental Abilities, Career and Awards

Terence Tao is the smartest man in the world with the highest IQ that he achieved an astonishing achievement before his 10 years old.

Besides, he became the youngest mathematical professor at a young age which proves his intelligence. Actually, Terence Tao is not intelligent but he is a great genius.

The IQ test is one of the best measures of outstanding mental and numerical abilities. A high IQ is a gift from god which must be exploited well, some can inherit it from their parents’ genetics or from the excellent environment for the child.

What is Terence Tao IQ? Is Terence Tao a genius?

We will tell you in this article everything you need to know about Terence Tao IQ, childhood, education, and other achievements and rewards.

Who is Terence Tao?

His name is Terence Tao; he was born on 17 May 1975 in Adelaide, South Australia. Terence is famous all over the world as an Australian and Chinese mathematician for his discoveries and ingenuity in mathematics.

He is best known for his work on harmonic analysis and partial differential equations. Besides, he is now a professor at California University in Los Anglos.

In addition, one of the most important results of his research and development in mathematics is his famous “Green Tau theorem” of prime numbers.

The Green Tau theorem states that prime numbers have long arithmetic series. He got proof of this theory while working with Ben Green, so it was called Green Tao.

Terence Tao IQ

He is the most intelligent person with the highest IQ score in the world wide.

Terence IQ score is 230 which is higher than any one such as Elon Mask, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Carl Sagan and even Albert Einstein.

He was a child prodigy as his intelligence was prominent since he was only two years old, which is an astonishing ability to count at that age.

Moreover, he became the youngest professor in the world, as he skipped grades due to his genius mind.

The family affected his mental abilities

Childhood always affects the intelligence of children. The more, the more convenient environment is, the greater his intelligence and the development of his various mental abilities.

So it happened with Terence Tao as he was born to parents who are very successful in their fields. His father is Billy Tao, an immigrant from Hong Kong to Australia. He was a doctor who earned his MBBS from the University of Hong Kong.

His mother, Grace, was a physicist and mathematician. She earned first-class honors in astrophysics and mathematics also from the University of Hong Kong.

His parents met at the University of Hong Kong, then married and immigrated together to Australia in 1972, and they had Terence Tao. Even they got another two sisters for Terence Tao who participated in International Mathematical Olympiad and also Terence did.

All this surrounding developed the child and made his mind has an older thinking method that showed in mathematics.

Terence Tao child prodigy and Education

As we have mentioned Terence Tao childhood was not like any other child, as it was not normal at all. He showed many mental abilities while he was only two years old such as the numerical ability which proves being a child prodigy.

In addition, due to Terence Tao IQ, he skipped many grades since he has an amazing ability to do the most complicated mathematics for his colleagues.

Besides, in his eight years old he was the first child in the history to score 760 in the mathematics SAT test in the Exceptional Talent Study Program at Johns Hopkins University. As a result of these mental abilities, he got the college mathematical lessons while he was nine years old.

Moreover, he was the youngest winner in the International Mathematical Olympiad who was only 10 years old. In 1986, 1987, and 1988, He got He won the bronze, silver and gold medals for the three years respectively.

Also, due to Terence Tao IQ he obtained his Ph.D. at the age of twenty. Thus, he became the youngest professor in the world as a result of his genius at the age of 24 years old.

Terence was eager to get more knowledge about mathematics. So he joined other universities and he received many fellowships from other universities such as

  • Fellowship of the Royal Society in 2007
  • Fellow of the American Mathematical Society
  • Fulbright Scholarship.
  • Fellowship of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Career path

As we just mentioned Terence Tao began his career path earlier than any other professor, as he was only 24 years old when he became a mathematician professor in California on Los Anglos.

He obtained memberships in many societies that praised his intelligence and outstanding excellence in mathematics due to Terence Tao IQ.

So he became a member of the Royal Society, Australian Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Sciences, American Mathematical Society, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Terence Tao Awards

Terence Tao IQ enabled him to contribute in many activities and scientific research that helped the entire world. So, he got many awards such as:

  • Princess of Asturias Prize for Technical and Scientific Research in 2020
  • Royal necklace in 2014
  • The Crafford Prize in Mathematics in 2012
  • Nimz Prize in Mathematics in 2010
  • King Faisal International Prize in Science in 2010
  • Alan Tower Waterman Award 2008
  • MacArthur Fellowship in 2007
  • Fields Medal in 2006
  • Corresponding member of the Australian Academy of Sciences in 2006
  • Ostrovsky Prize in 2005
  • Boucher Memorial Award in 2002
  • Salem Award in 2000
  • Onsager Medal.

In conclusion, Terrence Tao is a true example of a scientist who uses their extraordinary mental and mathematical abilities to spread science and research in depth. Therefore, the intelligence of Terence Tau, who is estimated at 230, is the highest intelligence that has been monitored and benefited from since childhood as a result of the surrounding environment and the family that supports this intelligence. Do not hesitate to take an Test de coeficient intel·lectual now.