Bill Gates IQ, Education, Career, Records and Aawrds


Bill Gates IQ, Education, Career, Records and Aawrds

Bill Gates was one of the richest men in the world for almost a decade and the owner of the most famous company, Microsoft Company. His high IQ led him to be one of the most famous businessmen in the world. Besides, his company is It is the most successful and developed company in the world due to Bill Gates’ development in computer software, consumer electronics, and personal computers. Let’s discuss Bill Gates IQ and how he makes use of this genius mind throughout his life and professional life.

Who is Bill Gates?

Bill Gates IQ
Bill Gates during the Munich Security Conference 2017

His name is William Henry Gates; he was born on the 28th of October 1955 in Seattle, Washington. He is the most famous American businessman. Besides, he is a genius software developer, investor, author, and philanthropist. In addition, he has origins in English, Irish, and German. His main dream was to found a company for developing computer software and that is his main achievement. So, he founded Microsoft Company with his old childhood friend Paul Allen. This company succeeded in a very short time and he made a great reputation. That proves his high IQ which enabled him to get all his wealth today since in 1987 he was on the list of the wealthiest people in the world with Forbes. Nowadays in 2022, his Net worth is 99.8 billion USD.

Bill Gates IQ

No one can deny the intelligence of Bill Gates since he is one of the wealthiest people in the world and had the most successful company. His IQ is 180 which is the highest IQ among other Businessmen. Einstein was 160, but Bill Gates is higher than that so we must realize that we have in our ages one of the most genius minds that improved our life. Microsoft has been the only company without competitors that made it the ideal computer software. All this proved his high IQ; however let’s go through his childhood, education, and achievements.

First: childhood and family

His family played an important role in his raising up; Bill Gates was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. His grandfather was J. W. Maxwell, a national bank president. Actually, Bill Gates passed through various difficult situations since he was young. Besides, his home was damaged in a tornado during his seven years old. Moreover, he was bullied as he was small for his age, which affected his character. So, he concentrated on his own interests which are computers and electronics.

Second: the education

 Bill Gates was very successful in his studies, he has been passionate about electronics since eighth grade at school. He passed the SAT University Exam with a score of 1590 out of 1600 which was proof of his genius from a young age. Bill Gates did not stop education throughout his life as he continued to learn and received 4 honorary doctorate degrees from Nyenrode Business Universities, Royal Institute of Technology University in Sweden, Waseda University in Japan, and Harvard University in the United States of America. So, he was one of the most intelligent students and he was surrounded by smart colleagues such as Paul Allen. That’s why he manages to establish Microsoft Company with him.

Third: the career path

As we have mentioned, Bill Gates established his dream company with his co-founder Allen Paul. Besides, he was the chairman and CEO, so he led the company with intelligence and wisdom. Then, it became the most famous company for personal software. Due to his creativity and intelligence, he made many other innovations in computer software. Therefore, many editions were launched by Microsoft such as Microsoft Office, Internet explorer, ActiveX, Microsoft SQL Server, MSN, and the search engine Bing. Besides, Operating Systems Windows 1.0, Windows 2.0, Windows 3.0, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10.

He made great success in Microsoft which made the company unique and no competitor that many people criticized him as they called him the Master of the universe. However, he was so intelligent to stop this criticism. He stepped down from the Chairman position at Microsoft and got a part-time role at Microsoft.

Forth: Charity works of Bill Gates proves his IQ

Not only that but also could convince others with his kind intentions by founding a charity organization in 2000. Besides, he made it with his wife Melinda Gates, so he called it Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Moreover, he has full-time work at the charity. This was evidence of his high IQ level since he managed to get the support and love of people after his charitable works.

Philanthropic work continued as he founded other companies such as Cascade Investment, bgC3, BEN, TerraPower, and the Giving Pledge. So, this proves that his IQ is 180 as the opinion of people changed and he became a beloved businessman for his charity work.

Records of Bill Gates are a sign for his high IQ

Not only Bill gates have made innovations in software but also Bill Gates has achieved many records and great success in the Business world.

Bill Gates awards

He got many records from various organizations, such as:

  •  Padma Bhushan Award.
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom Award.
  • National Medal of Technology and Innovation Award.
  • Silver Buffalo Award.
  • Distinguished Fellow of the British Computer.
  • Bower Award for Business Leadership.
  • Bambi – Millennium Award.
  • Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award.
  • Satellite Special Achievement Award for Outstanding.
  • Bower Award for Business Leadership.

Bill Gates books

He didn’t only make achievements in electronics, but also he wrote many books to motivate and support young people to succeed as he did. This book includes the following:

  • 100 things successful people do.
  • The road ahead.
  • How to prevent the next Pandemic.
  • How to avoid a climate disaster.
  • Business at the speed of thought.
  • The leader’s greatest leaders.

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Conclusion: Bill Gates IQ

In conclusion, Bill Gates is the perfect ideal for youth nowadays as he focused on his interests and improved his personal skills. All this led him to be one of the most successful Businessmen and charity man as well. Besides his company, Microsoft has no competitors since it has the perfect software which is used all over the world.