Nikola Tesla IQ, Childhood, Education and Great Inventions


Nikola Tesla IQ, Childhood, Education and Great Inventions

No one can deny that Tesla’s inventions have affected his life and the world which proves his genius mind and that Nikola Tesla IQ is the highest in history.

Can you imagine yourself without a remote control, or a Neon lamp? How about visiting the doctor for an X-Ray? With all these inventions that we use today, Nikola Tesla was the first one to make them come true.

Tesla used his science and intelligent mind to make many discoveries and devices that depended on using the AC mains. So, he managed to change the world with his ambition and knowledge.

But, how was his childhood? How did he prove his IQ during his career path? Let’s go through his life and get to know this great scientist more.

Who is Nikola Tesla?

His name is Nikola Milton Tesla; he was a Serbian American inventor who was born on 10th Jul 1856 in Smiljan in Croatia. He has mostly known by the name “Tesla”.

Tesla is one of the most famous electrical and mechanical engineers in history as well as an inventor and physicist. In addition, he has made many great discoveries that had changed the world a lot.

His main concern was the AC mains, as he contributed to the design of the main AC system. He also made other important achievements in wireless lighting, high-frequency power experiments, as well as high-voltage electrical distribution.

Nikola Tesla IQ

If you are looking for the highest intelligent scientist in history, you must mention Nikola Tesla.

He has made inventions that made the world change and make use of the AC mains like the Wireless telegraphy which made the world connect with each other.

Besides, the Radio was like magic that no one believed its real. So, Nikola Tesla IQ is about 160 to 310. Albert Einstein’s IQ is 160, while Tesla definitely exceeded that limit.

Tesla has many other fascinating inventions, So he was one of the genius scientists who contributed to developing the world with his valuable Science.

Nikola Tesla childhood

As we have mentioned, Nikola Tesla was born on 10 July 1865 in Smiljan village in the Austrian Empire which is known now as Croatia.

Since his childhood, he had talent and thought differently from his brothers, as he excelled in making household appliances and mechanical devices.

Tesla attributes this talent to his mother’s genes. Tesla’s mother had not completed her education, yet she contributed to building an innovative mindset for her son.

While his father was a priest in the Eastern Orthodox Church, he dreamed of a child who would become a priest as well, and he encouraged him and followed his academic development in arithmetic and geometry.

During Tesla’s childhood, he fell ill with cholera, and medicine was not developed like today to cure him. Tesla had a brother who died in an accident and three sisters.

His father could not bear Tesla’s disease and once promised him that if he recovered from cholera, he would enroll him in the best engineering school.

Nikola Tesla education

Nikola showed great intelligence in his education since primary school in 1861 in Smiljan village. Later, his family moved to Gospic where he finished primary school.

His genius mind appeared in Karlovac where he completed his studying in another school. Moreover, Nikola Tesla was influenced by the mathematics teacher in this school whose name was Martin Sekulowicz.

In addition, he managed to make complicated calculations with his mind which made teachers think that he cheats. However, he could finish the four years of this school in only three years due to his intelligence.

Later in 1875, he got a scholarship at the Graz University of Technology in Graz, Austria where he exerted more effort studying.

Nikola Tesla IQ helped him to pass around nine exams instead of four only. Thus, doctors at the University sent many letters to his father that Nikola will die of tiring.

Nikola Tesla career path

An electrical engineer at Budapest Company

Tesla’s first job was in Budapest, where he traveled to work for the Budapest Telegraph Company with Ferenc Puskas. But it did not work immediately as the company was still under construction. But immediately after its completion, he began his work and made his first invention, which was a telephone amplifier.

Developing devices with Tomas Edison France

Nikola Tesla worked in 1882 in France with Tomas Edison where he designed and developed many devices.

An electrical engineer at Edison Company in New York

Tesla worked hard as usual and developed many devices. But a problem occurred at the company, and then all of Edison and Tesla had the task of developing and redesigning a direct current generator.

Tesla Electric Lighting and Manufacturing

Tesla created the Tesla Electric Lighting and Manufacturing Company with businessmen Robert Lane and Benjamin Vail.

They funded the company and funded Tesla’s inventions, as he invented electric arc lamps and other inventions. However, he agreed to write patents in the name of the company until the two businessmen fired him for not having the same interests as Tesla.

Unfortunately, Tesla lost many patents after he was fired and had to work very small jobs for his day’s livelihood.

Inventions of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla IQ did not give up and continued his career and made many inventions such as:

  • AC Power (alternating current).
  • Tesla Coil.
  • Magnifying Transmitter.
  • Tesla Turbine.
  • Shadowgraph.
  • Radio.
  • Neon Lamp.
  • Hydroelectric Power.
  • Induction Motor.
  • Radio Controlled Boat.

Nikola Tesla Awards

  • Medal of Prince Danilo I in the year 1895 AD.
  • Elliott Cresson Medal in 1894 AD.
  • Order of Saint Sava – of the second degree – from the Serbian government in the year 1892 AD.
  • Medal of St. Clement University (Sofia-Bulgaria) in 1939 AD.
  • Medal of the University of Paris in the year 1937 AD.
  • John Scott Medal in 1934 AD.
  • Medal of the Yugoslav throne in 1931 AD.
  • Edison Medal for Electricity and Electrical Engineering in 1917 AD.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that Nikola Tesla IQ is very high as he thought of unbelievable inventions that contributed to developing the entire world. Besides, he had ambitions that he failed many times in his career path, but his IQ led him to success in the end. Many scientists and figures have developed the world as well such as Neil Degrassi Tyson, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and also Bill Gates.