Steve jobs IQ, Education, Career and Inventions


Steve jobs IQ, Education, Career and Inventions


Steve Jobs is the most famous genius inventor, developer, and businessman as well, he was passionate about electronics since his childhood, so what is Steve Jobs IQ? Besides, he was known as an intelligent mind that could improve his life and career path in a very short time. He created Apple Company which has inventions that competes Microsoft and Google which proves his high intelligence. Let’s, go through his life including his childhood, family, education, and career path to check how his high IQ affected his life.

Who is Steve jobs IQ?

His name is Stephen Paul Jobs, but he is better known by the name Steve. He was born in San Francesco on February 24, 1955, and died in October 2011. He was fond of electronics since his childhood. Later, he fulfilled his dream and became the most famous developer and businessman in the world. In addition, he is the founder, partner, and former CEO of Apple. Moreover, before his death, he was the Chairman of the Walt Disney Company. Looking at his life, he has achieved many achievements that confirm the extent of his intelligence and the depth of his creativity in the world of electronics and technology. He passed away on October 5, 2011.

IQ Steve jobs a

Steve Jobs IQ
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Steve Jobs was a genius and his inventors are still used by millions from all over the world. Besides, Steve Jobs IQ is 160 which are equal to the genius physics Einstein. Actually, he made a huge difference in the computer and mobile industry. Although he has passed through big childhood conflicts that affected all his life, he insisted on his dream and achieved it. Moreover, he was one of the most strongly affected opinions in the world. So, many believe in his intelligence and opinions.

First: childhood and family

During his childhood, Steve Jobs has a chock when he got to know that he is an adopted son. His real parents are Abdel Fattah Jandali a Syrian and Joanne Carol Schieble an American. He was an illegitimate son of theirs as his real mother’s family refused to marry them off because the father was not Catholic. So Steve was put up for adoption. Then he was adopted by his parents from a Polish-Armenian family in California, Paul, and Clara Jobs. While his real parents married after ten months and got a daughter. This was a turning point in Steve Jobs’s life, till his death he didn’t meet his real parents. However, he met his sister Mona Al-Jandali a well-known American novelist.

All these conflicts and thoughts inside Steve Jobs mind. He devoted all his thought to something he loved most which was electronics, and technology. Besides, he was curious about how the machine worked. What made him a genius in repairing machines was that he invented in the second stage an electronic chip. This proves his high IQ which is 160 as he made inventions while a young age. So, from here he started his career the world witnessed great innovation due to him.

Second: the education

Actually, education is not the measure of intelligence as Steve Jobs proves. He was not curious about studying. However, he wanted to know more about electronics and computers. So, he joined an HP course for learning more about electronics. Later, he went to Reed College but he didn’t complete his study there and left it to begin his dream company.

Third: the career path

He had his first job at a Video Games Company where he held the position of a game designer. Besides, Steve Jobs contacted his childhood friend Wozniak. Then they began their journey to find the most famous and expensive company today.

They founded Apple and its main motto was Steve Jobs’ favorite fruit, the chomped apple. Each of them also contributed to the financing of this project, as one sold his car and the other his scientific calculator, and we announced the establishment of Apple in 1976.

This indicates the integrated planning and strategy in carrying out this project that changed the world today and this explains why it obtained a high IQ of 160 that rivals Einstein and Edison. Then the successes of Apple followed and Steve Jobs became the CEO of the company. He also became the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Disney, and before that, Pixar, the most famous company that has achieved and is still achieving impressive successes.

Forth: Inventions of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs had many great inventions, as we have mentioned in his secondary school, he invented the electronic chip, and later a lot of amazing inventions such as:

  1. Digital printing
  2. Mouse
  3. Touch screen
  4. The first iPad popular tablet
  5. iPod

Each invention of these he developed many times, as his creativity doesn’t have a limit that’s why his IQ is so high 160.

Steve jobs IQ VS. Bill Gates

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Actually, both of them are genius as they made great companies and a revolution in technology with computers and mobiles. So, if you think that one is higher than the other, you are wrong. Both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have the same IQ which is 160. Each one of them thinks that he is smarter than the other as Bill Gates thinks Steve Jobs is less intelligent than him as he doesn’t know a programming language. However, Steve Jobs thinks Bill gates have the same lower intelligence as his outfits are not chosen well. So, we can’t deny that each one of them has an amazing way of creativity and thinking outside of the box besides achieving many great things.


In conclusion, Steve Jobs will remain one of the best inventors of all time as he developed electronics. We cannot imagine the world without the touch feature that Steve Jobs developed, as well as the mouse before her. Steve Jobs also led Apple to overwhelm success, until it rose very quickly to the top of the electronic companies. Today, Apple has a market capitalization of $346 billion. So, we must memorize this great inventor Steve jobs whose IQ is 160 and he made good use of it by improving our life with his inventions.

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