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Top 8 IQs in the last 7 days

Croatia Ana 145 17/07/24
Finland Danny 143 16/07/24
Ghana Gaston 141 17/07/24
Greece Katrina 139 16/07/24
Mexico Larry 137 17/07/24
Reunion Walter 135 16/07/24
Spain Wilma 133 17/07/24
Ukraine Sayuri 131 16/07/24

IQ Test Online

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Do straight-As actually mean that you’re the next young genius? Or is intelligence way more complicated than a few marks on a test?

How many times have you started feeling sick as soon as your doctor told you that you are? Or worked very hard on a project, had very high expectations for people’s opinions about it, only to be crushed by the first negative comment?

You see, it’s human nature to forget what we know about ourselves and believe that others’ opinions of us are flawless facts.

For example, think back to the first time you got a really bad grade in school or university: How did it feel?

It threw you for a loop and blinded you from every intelligent decision you’ve ever made!

But what if we told you that you were judging your reflection in a very broken mirror?

Judging someone’s intelligence based on their performance in subjects they hate is like judging a fish’s ability to climb a tree: It’s just not the right metric to use!

So, how would you like to find out your true intelligence level through a scientifically proven, tried-and-tested formula?

MyIQio.com provides you with 100% accurate and effective tests that give you a detailed look into your own mind’s processing power. Through these tests, you’ll be able to explore more about your own abilities, correct your pre-set view of your intelligence, and find out where you stand among the prodigies of our generation!

All this through a simple process, that will only take 30 to 60 minutes of your time.

And what do you receive in return?

  • The complete results of your IQ test.
  • A signed and approved certificate.
  • Completely free access to 100 more IQ questions.
  • An insightful ebook full of priceless teachings about how to improve your IQ level.

 So, if you’re ready to finally let science show you how intelligent you really are, take the iq test above!