Jeffrey Dahmer IQ, Life and Career


Jeffrey Dahmer IQ, Life and Career

Parents’ problems led to psychological disorders for their kids, even though Jeffrey Dahmer IQ has turned out to be a dangerous weapon that he used in killing men.

He got a high IQ, however, he couldn’t exploit it in his study career. But his psychological disorders directed him to the wrong road.

In addition, childhood has a great effect on each child so we must be careful of how we act in front of them.

Many other serial killers have been raised in an unhealthy family environment for the child’s psyche and personalities building such as Ted Bundys and Ed Kemper.

Let’s see how Jeffrey Dahmer IQ led him to be a serious killer.

Who is Jeffrey Dahmer?

His name is Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, he was born on the 21st of Jan 1960 in Milwaukee in Wisconsin.

He is an American serial killer and one of the most famous serial killers in the world, in addition to being the youngest serial killer in America.

In addition, he started his crimes in childhood. Besides, his brutality appeared in killing animals and mutilating their corpses with his father.

Moreover, his parent’s problems also contributed to his psychological disorder, addiction to alcohol, and abnormal sexual relations.

All this resulted in a brutal thug who kills in the most brutal way. He cuts and mutilates corpses, killing many men.

 In addition, Jeffrey Dahmer IQ helped him to hide his crimes from the police. So, they didn’t know his identity for a long period from 1978 until 1991.

Jeffrey Dahmer IQ

Jeffrey Dahmer IQ was high, as the test result was 145, which is more than 130, which means that he was highly intelligent.

Intelligence is a double-edged sword that many scientists use for good, such as Rick Sanchez, Carl Sagan, and Bobby Fischer.

The difference between Jeffrey and other scientists is the environment in which each of them grew up, as there are those who grew up in a happy family environment.

Also, the most successful scholars and successful people in their lives their families supported them and contributed to exploiting their intelligence in something useful.

In addition, what affected Jeffrey Dahmer IQ were the psychological problems he suffered as a result of family problems.

Moreover, he has many disorders such as borderline personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, and psychotic disorder.

Jeffrey Dahmer childhood

This is the most critical stage in any child’s personality. In the case of Jeffrey Dahmer, his childhood affected his life a lot. He was the eldest son of Lionel Dahmer and Joyce Dahmer.

His mother was of Norwegian and Irish descent and was a Teletype instructor. His father was of German origin and was working as a chemical researcher at Marquette University in the US state.

Family problems

After he was born on the 21st of Jan 1960 in Milwaukee in Wisconsin, his mother got birth depression. However, his father left her to work and didn’t support her.

She fights with her depression alone while her infant Jeffrey was with her, besides, she tried to commit suicide.

Later, his mother betrayed his father and finally, they divorced. Jeffrey Dahmer IQ didn’t notice by his parents.


As a result of all these family problems, he turned to alcohol and addicted to it at a very young age.

One day after his school his teacher saw him next to the school drinking alcohol and asked him why, he said that he has family problems.

Mutilate of animal corpses

The most effective situation is when his mother chooses to the custody of David’s

The most effective situation is when his mother chooses to have custody of David’s younger brother, while she left Jeffrey to his father.

Jeffrey Dahmer lived with his father and didn’t know anything about his mother till she died in 2000.

His father neglected him as he left him brutally mutilated animal corpses. Moreover, he used to keep parts of the bones in formaldehyde.

In addition, his father thought that he has a scientific curiosity and that Jeffrey Dahmer IQ is high. However, he was already affected by family problems. So, Jeffrey Dahmer IQ led him to kill animals and mutilate their corpses.

Jeffrey Dahmer education

Jeffrey Dahmer grades were average in the study and Jeffrey Dahmer IQ didn’t appear in the study.

Then he joined the army after dropping out of the Ohio State University.

Jeffrey Dahmer crimes

He killed about 17 victims, and he admitted that after his arrest.

His method of committing crimes was similar. Besides, his first goal was to establish abnormal relationships, and when seducing and rejecting the victim, he killed and dismembered. And also sometimes crushed the corpses and kept parts of them.

So, at the end of his crimes, he used to put anaesthesia on the victim’s drink so that he could practice his abnormal relationship.

Arresting Jeffrey Dahmer IQ

It didn’t help Jeffrey Dahmer IQ stay clear of the law for his heinous crimes.

Where once he took a gay man to his house, but the young man noticed traces of blood and unpleasant smells, Jeffrey tied him up before escaping.

Here, Jeffrey Dahmer IQ did not work, as the young man took advantage of Jeffrey’s abnormal tendencies to untie him, and when Jeffrey let him go, Jeffrey hit him on the head and fled outside the house to the police.

Indeed, Jeffrey was arrested on July 22, 1991, and he was tried, and due to the lack of a death sentence in Wisconsin, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

His end and death were the results of a quarrel with his colleagues, and he died after being transferred to the hospital for his general wounds on November 28, 1994.

Jeffrey’s mother and brother changed their surnames as a result of Jeffrey Dahmer’s fame as a serial killer, while on the contrary, his mother and his second wife kept their surname.

His father, Lionel, wrote a book called Father’s story, and he donates the proceeds to the families of the victims.

In conclusion, Jeffrey Dahmer isn’t only a serial killer, but he is a victim as well. So, he was affected by his parent’s problems during his childhood. Our children are a gift that we have to care about them and notice their behaviors.