Light Yagami IQ and the death note


Light Yagami IQ and the death note

Human IQ is a double-edged weapon, each human uses the edge that he prefers, and some use their IQ for good and others for evil things just like Light Yagami IQ.

Light Yagami is one of the most intelligent fictional anime characters which were in the death note Japanese series.

Being a genius is a blessing that you should exploit into good things. There are many scientists and celebrities like Albert Einstein, Elon Musk, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and Jeff Bezos with high IQs.

What is Light Yagami IQ? How Light Yagami used his IQ? What was the end of Light Yagami?

 Let’s go through his life to get to know more about him.

Who is Light Yagami?

Light Yagami is a Japanese fictional anime that acted in the famous series (Death Note). Besides, his nickname later is Kira, and Light Asahi.

Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata created this fictional character. While he is voiced in the anime by Mamoru Miyano in the Japanese version, and Brad Swale in the English version.

He is famous for his genius mind and intelligence; however, his life changed after he found the Death Note. As it allows its user to kill anyone just by knowing his name and face.

In addition, his father was a famous detective and believed that his son Light Yagami will continue what he began.

Light Yagami IQ

It is believed that Light Yagami IQ is high since he has used it to escape from the policemen although his crimes.

However, in the beginning, he wanted to create an ideal world while killing all the criminals. But in the end, he used his intelligence for evil actions.

Light Yagami IQ is 211, exceeding the normal average of more than 200. So, we must realize the power of the mind we are talking about.

The important evidence that proves Kira’s genius mind is that there were three intelligent detectives looking for his real identity.

Besides, he has committed many crimes using this unusual ability to think to satisfy his ego. Regardless of the damage, he causes to innocent people or even to his own family.

Light Yagami childhood and education

Light Yagami’s life was completely different before he found Death Note. He was a young man with refined morals.

In addition, he was smart during his studies, as he was the smartest student in school. Besides, he was keen to finish his school assignments before going home.

He used to stay up to study until his health deteriorated. And also he was always the first student with high degrees in his school, and he was very educated and benevolent.

Not only that, he was an athletic young man who practiced tennis and excelled in it. Moreover, he won the Open Tennis Championship in Japan.

Light Yagami hated criminals, dreamed of a world without crime, and wished for killing all criminals.

The turning point in Light Yagami’s character

As we have mentioned Light Yagami IQ was high and he was a genius teenager who was bored, then he found the death note.

His ego made him believe that he is the ideal hero who will make a new ideal world without any criminals.

The death Note has exceptional powers that could kill anyone if you know only his name and face, regardless he is innocent or not.

Family of Light Yagami


His mother was Sachiko Yagami. She passed through many rough situations since her daughter was kidnapped due to her brother Light Yagami.


Yagami was Light’s father who worked as Deputy Chief of the Japanese Police. As we mentioned before His father had hoped that his son would succeed him in leading the team in his place.

However, he died before finding out the truth about his son as he thought his son was intelligent and moral.

Due to Light Yagami IQ, his father was the responsible detective in his case; however, he couldn’t suspect his son at all.


His sister trusted him a lot and used to sympathize with him whether he is sad or happy. Besides, Light Yagami IQ helped his sister in her lessons.

However, the mafia kidnaps her because of her brother. He used to be selfish and think about his plans.

The gang that kidnapped his sister bargained with him to hand over the death note but he didn’t care about them and insisted on executing his plan.

The crimes of Light Yagami

As we have mentioned, Yagami dreamed of an ideal world without any criminals, so he planned to kill all of them by Light Yagami IQ.

However, during killing the criminals, he had to kill innocent people to reach his goals and accomplish his plan for the ideal world.

The FBI sent some officers to figure out his identity and arrest him, but he killed many of them while they are innocent.

So, he turned out to be evil killing police officers who are trying to save the world from his crimes. 

The enemy of Light Yagami

Instead of having criminals as enemies to get a safe world, his enemy was “L” the smartest police officer in the world.

L suspected Light Yagami and he sent an officer to watch over Yagami, who assumes that he is Kira, but Kira killed that officer.

Light Yagami IQ was a weapon to kill any officer who tries to arrest him.

After the death of L, he had a successor who was following the same way as detective L. In addition to Milo who was competing with N over solving the Kira case and apprehending Yagami.

The end of Light Yagami

Light Yagami IQ helped him a lot to escape from his crimes; however, in the end, the police arrested him. His evil actions of killing innocent people led him to write all the names on the death note.

However, the smart detective N made a plan as he changed the death note with another one. So, Kira was finally arrested as only his name was not inserted in the note.

In conclusion, Light Yagami IQ was a weapon used by Light to arrest criminals and save the world, however, he choose another way of killing innocent people. In history, you can find other real characters that had to choose this evil way such as Ed Kemper and Ted Bundy.