Ed Kemper IQ, Childhood, First Crime and Arresting

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Ed Kemper IQ, Childhood, First Crime and Arresting

Edmund Kemper is one of the smartest serial killers as Ed Kemper IQ is high as he used him to kill in a brutal way.

We cannot deny that Ed fall victim to a broken family. In addition, he had a nervous mother to her son. Ed would not have done what he did if not for the harsh treatment of his mother. Moreover, and his father refused to live with him.

Unfortunately, Edmund Kemper murdered from a young age. This built a character that thirsts for murder and brutality, but what is the degree of Edmund Kemper’s intelligence? And how he used this intelligence?

Who is Ed Kemper?

His name is Edmund Emil Kemper III, he was born in 18th Dec 1948 in Burbank, California, United States.

Besides, he got other nicknames such as Big Ed and Co-ed Killer. Because of his body was bigger than his colleagues in the same age.

He is a thug, murderer, and rapist of the dead who has killed his mother and his grandparents, besides, her eight innocent girls.

Due to Ed Kemper IQ, the police didn’t discover his identity in all of his murders. Otherwise, he was the one who confessed to killing his mother as well as his grandparents

What is Ed Kemper IQ?

As a result of his unfamiliar actions, his intelligence test indicated a remarkable intelligence. Ted Kemper’s intelligence reached 136 at a young age.

In addition, this had that test again and proved to be higher than that later when he got older, when he was 145.

But doctors diagnosed him as a “Personality Trait Disorder, of the Passive Aggressive Type”. He underwent rehabilitation more than once. But he was cleverly convincing psychiatrists that he had fully recovered.

Childhood built a killer

Ed grew up in a very harsh childhood which negatively affected his psyche and his aggressive thinking. He was born to an incompatible father and mother.

Bullying Ed Kemper

Bullying is driving any innocent child to get a psychiatric disturbances, how if this bullying is from the mother herself. Besides, Ed Kemper IQ was high to understand that.

This affected on Ed Kemper a lot, as any one can’t imagine the mother bullying the child with bad words about his big head or tall body.

She was talking about him as eccentric without realizing that he was listening in on her

Father of Ed Kemper

His father, Edmund Jr., was a World War II veteran and after the war, he tested nuclear weapons. He was an electrician, but his mother always made fun of this menial job in front of Ed.

The husband could not stand his wife’s attitude, and there was a lot of quarrels and screaming in front of the children, which led to their separation.

However, Ed used to love his father a lot and after separation he wanted to live with him. So, he escaped from his mother and went to his father when he realized that his father married.

He lived with him few months till his father decided to take Ed to live with his grandparents. Ed Kemper IQ was high that he could know clearly that his father don’t want him.

This was another chock that he got while his childhood.

Mother of Ed Kemper

After his parents separated in 1975 Ed lived with his mother at first, her name is Clarinell Elizabeth Kemper.

His mother treated him harshly as a result of his large body and large head. He was about 1.93 m tall when he was only 15 years old.

In addition, his mother Clarinell Elizabeth Kemper was also a bad role model as she became addicted to alcohol

She scolded him a lot and feared for his sisters from him. So she locked him in a dirty room with rats. Besides, she used to say to him that she don’t love him.

Moreover, she married more than three times, which made him had a great anger and hatred in the depth of his soul her.

Aggressive tendencies during Ed Kemper childhood

Ed Kemper used to play with his young step-sister as a killer. So, he was acting as a killer who kills the dolls of his sister and cut their heads. Besides, killing many cats and cutting their heads.

That game was real once he gets older.

First crime of Ed Kemper

Realizing that your parents don’t want you in their life and having a cruel mother screaming at you and insulting you, all led to be abnormal.

After that Ed Kemper lived with his grandparents. His grandma was a little serious trying to controlling him to be polite. However, he was already had the anger and hatred through his mother and father.

In 27th of Aug 1964, once he was sitting with his grandma in the kitchen arguing, he got his grandpa’s gun and shot her in the head. Then he went outside and found his grandpa coming, he shot him too.

Ed Kemper IQ led him to be a serial killer.

Arresting and Psychiatric treatment

After he killed his grandparents, he did not know what to do. So he called his mother, who told him to tell the police, and of course he listened to what his mother said this time.

He was arrested and put in juvenile detention, as well as subjected to psychological treatment, which continued until he reached the age of 21. Ed Kemper used IQ to show psychiatrists that he was well behaved and that he did not suffer from any mental disorders.

In the end he was allowed to get out of the prison of Atascadero with a condition to join the community college, as the doctors prescribed that he had high intelligence.

Ed Kemper serious killer

This was not the end of the killer for his grandfather, as he used his work on the highways to transport university girls, then took them to a deserted place, killed him, and then raped them.

Killing his mother

Actually, the main problem that effected Ed Kemper IQ that he tried to find other girls to kill rather than killing the main person who hate him which his mother.

However, finally he realized that he must kill her and he did that and expresses all of his hatred towards her head. As he said he screamed as she used to scream to him all of his life.

In conclusion, Ed Kemper IQ was neglected by his parents and his mother’s attitude to him destroyed his life such as Ted Bundy. Besides, he said that he did all of his crimes after a fight with her. Moreover, many movies were made about his story such as the Killing of America 1981, Serial Killer Culture and Rough Cut.