Spencer Reid IQ, Childhood, Education and Personality


Spencer Reid IQ, Childhood, Education and Personality

How many fictional characters influenced the audience, but the character of Dr Spencer is one of the most influential dramatic characters, as Spencer Reid IQ is very high.

Dr Spencer Reid is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama He is also the youngest member of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU).

Spencer has many advantages and qualities that qualify him to be a BAU Special Agent, as he has an extraordinary memory that remembers things in detail.

Let’s see how Spencer Reid IQ has changed his life and how he used his IQ to save the world from criminal minds.

Who is Spencer Reid?

His name is Spencer William Reid, and he was born on October 12. He is a famous fictional character on the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds.  The actor Matthew Gray Gubler portrayed him.

Spencer Reid is a genius as he is self-taught and read many books from a young age.

However, he endured difficult circumstances, as his father left him and his sick mother with paranoia.

Despite these obstacles, he succeeded in his studies and obtained scientific degrees in different specialities: Chemistry, Engineering, and Mathematics, besides Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy.

Thus, he became the most famous FBI BAU Supervisory Special Agent.

Spencer Reid IQ

As we have mentioned, Spencer Reid educated himself without the help of his parents.

In addition, he managed to get many scientific degrees that prove his efficiency and that his mental abilities are extraordinary.

Moreover, his memory is very strong as he can remember all events in the smallest detail, so he has an eidetic memory.

Not only that, but he can read 20,000 words he read in one minute.

Spencer Reid IQ is 187, so he has an extraordinary mental ability. The normal IQ average for the majority of people is 100 while few exceed 130 who are highly intelligent.

Spencer Reid childhood

Spencer Reid has passed through a very difficult childhood which led him to study more and read more books.

His father was William Reid who worked as a lawyer, while his mother was Diana Reid a

Spencer’s turning point was when his father abandoned his mother due to her illness as Diana has paranoid schizophrenia. Besides, she stopped her medications during her pregnancy with Spencer which affected her a lot.

Spencer tried to convince his father to stay, but his father insisted on leaving the home and went about 10 miles away. Besides, he didn’t contact Spencer anymore and after many years he was shy to ask about him.

Despite all these obstacles he witnessed during his childhood, Spencer Reid IQ helped him to deal with these situations as a challenge.

So, he has read many books that enriched his mind and helped him in his study.

Spencer Reid and his mother

 Spencer had a very close relationship with his mother; she used to read some books to him when he was a child, even though her sickness.

Later, when he reached the age of eighteen, he realized that his mother’s condition was deteriorating and that she needed special care for that.

So he decided, after much hesitation, to keep her in the Pentagon Sanitarium for mental and neurological diseases.

However, he used to write many letters to her, as he felt guilty that he didn’t visit her.

Besides, he was afraid to get the same illness with genetics, and he used to fear that.

Spencer Reid IQ education

Spencer graduated from high school with impressive success and despite being bullied by his classmates for his high intelligence; Spencer Reid IQ pushed his classmates to handcuff him one day.

He attended Caltech and earned his first doctorate (in mathematics) the following year. Besides, he joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In addition, he got two BAs in Psychology and also in Sociology.

He also got a PhD in Chemistry and Engineering.

His career path

Dr Spencer Reid IQ, mental abilities and extraordinary memory helped him to work as Supervisory Special Agent with the BAU.

Spencer was the youngest member of the team, which made his teammates treat him like a child in the first season.

However, he proved his competence in behavioural analysis. His skills such as a strong memory also appeared while he was still 24 years old.

His Personality

In the early seasons of Criminal Minds, Reid was an introverted and socially awkward character. He was also nervous when presenting the procedural crime.

Although Spencer Reid IQ was high, he was the most complex character in the series.

But soon, he won the love of the viewers after learning about his family’s circumstances and their sympathy for him.

He was also an influential member of the BAU team and played a pivotal role in the episodes.

So audiences eagerly awaited the Spencer Reid-focused episodes.

Spencer is brilliantly portrayed by Matthew Gray Gubler. And Matthew is an American actor and model, born 9th of Mar, 1980, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Also, he did many successful artworks such as:

  • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Intern in 2004.
  • RV Joe Joe in 2006
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks Simon Seville Voice in 2007.
  • The Great Buck Howard Russell in 2008.
  • How to Be a Serial Killer Bart in 2008.
  •  (500) Days of Summer Paul in 2009
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel Simon in 2009.

In conclusion, Spencer Reid IQ led him to be a famous genius BAU Special Agent that helped the federal forces. Even though the 15 seasons of criminal minds have ended, the audience is still asking for a new season with all the characters, especially Spencer Reid. Spencer Reid IQ is a gift that helped him to overcome any challenges during his life or career as well. Although he is a fictional character, he had a significant influence on the audience. There are many fictional characters that had high IQs that influenced the audience such as Peter Parker, tony stark and Light Yagami. You also can test your IQ and tell us about it.