Bobby Fischer IQ, Childhood, Career Path, Prizes and records


Bobby Fischer IQ, Childhood, Career Path, Prizes and records

Bobby Fischer is one of the most famous Chess players in the world since he was the World Chess Champion from the age of eleven years, so this proves that Bobby Fischer IQ is really high. Chess is one of the games that need intelligence and concentration. Besides, many people love to play it as it activates memory and helps in developing the level of intelligence. In addition, Bobby Fischer has a different way of thinking and a great passion for the Chess game. So, he masters this game with all its rules from the age of 6 years. The surprising fact is that when he died his age was 64 which is the number of the Chess squares. So, let’s check his life path and how he got this great fame with his high IQ.

Who is Bobby Fischer?

His name is Robert James Fischer; he was born on 9th Mar 1943. He is one of the smartest American Chess players in the world. Besides, he is also the world chess champion at the age of eleven. There is no doubt that he is unparalleled intelligence at a young age. He died on 17th March 2008.

Bobby Fischer IQ

Fischer took an IQ test at the age of 15 and the result was impressive as Bobby Fischer IQ was 180. Of course, the test model today has differed from the model since then. But of course, Bobby Fischer IQ would be very high. So, we will talk about how he exploited his IQ in playing this smart game. Let’s check how his IQ affected his life and career s well.

Childhood affected Bobby Fischer IQ

He was born on Mars in 1943 in Illinois, USA. He was named after a father who changed his biological father. As Bobby Robert James was named Bobby Fischer by Hans Gerhardt Fischer. While his mother, Regina Fender Fisher, was a teacher, nurse, and doctor. In addition, his mother was Jewish and was born in Switzerland. Moreover, his mother traveled to Germany to visit her sister. And there she met a geneticist name Joseph Hermann Muller who advised her to travel to Study in Moscow. In Moscow, she met Bobby Fischer’s real father Gerhard Hans in November 1933. However, she has to travel to the United States of America after threats from France. But his father couldn’t travel, so Bobby Fischer was raised away from his father for a very long time.

The beginning of Bobby Fischer’s Obsession with Chess

Bobby Fischer IQ is a high level of intelligence and in a suitable environment, the young child took advantage of this chance. His big sisters purchase of a game of chess for you to entertain him with it. His sister taught him the rules of the game which helped him acquire all her skills in a short time. He became obsessed with playing chess at the age of six, but he was playing alone and aloof.

Blindfold-chess training

As we mentioned, Bobby is passionate about chess, so he used his IQ to do the best training that would help him improve his skills. So, he joined Blindfold-chess training which made people think of him as crazy. However, this training helped him a lot as it increased his concentration during the matches. Most genius people with high IQ search for more skills and success in their interested field. That’s what Bobby did as he improved his thinking way to be one of the most genius Chess players. Moreover, he lost only three times as he played about 90 matches.

The career path of Bobby Fischer proves his IQ

As we mentioned that Bobby began to obsessively and professionally at the game of chess at the age of six. That helped him to develop his skill in it with the help of his intelligence level. His mother noticed his isolation and playing alone, so she wrote to a newspaper in Brooklyn to post an advertisement for a player of Bobby’s age to play chess with him. And here was the beginning of Bobby’s fame.

The newspaper did not publish the advertisement. But it told the famous chess player at the time, Hermann Helms, who in turn told them that there was an exhibition to play chess with the famous player Max Pavey on January 17, 1951.

Bobby joined this show and played it and here he got the chance as a result of Bobby IQ level. Carmen Negro, the manager of the Brooklyn Chess Club, was so impressed by Bobby’s playing that he held out for 15 minutes before losing.

Bobby Fischer Prizes and records

Bobby won the match of the century when he was thirteen. He also played many matches after that. Since the age of fourteen, he has participated in eight copies of the chess championship in the United States of America.

As a result of Bobby Fischer IQ, he was awarded the title of Grand Master and he was the youngest player to receive this title.

Fischer also scored the never-before-seen 11/11 when he was twenty. Moreover, he booked a terrible advance on the famous player Boris Spassky.

Bobby Fischer made other achievements; he published the book “My 60 Unforgettable Games” in 1969. He also invented a time management tool for playing chess.

Quitting Chess

Although he was playing Chess all of his life, he quit chess once he had paranoia that made him have hallucinations that affected his critical thinking. So, he quit playing his lovely smart game after he made great history and many records that no one could break it. He died in died on 17th March 2008.

In conclusion, Bobby Fischer is a great idol that has used his IQ in a smart game and he got many prizes and records that no one exceeded. All that proves that his IQ is 180 or even more since he was a professional Chess player since six years old. There are many famous celebrities with High IQs such as Marilyn Monroe. You also can try the test yourself.