Carl Sagan IQ, biography, Prizes and records


Carl Sagan IQ, biography, Prizes and records

Carl Sagan is a famous American astronomer and science book writer which has many achievements in cosmology and other science fields, besides his IQ is believed to be very high. As he contributed to the simplicity of astrology and many other natural sciences. In addition, his intelligence began in his childhood. He also had many science books that got many valuable prizes. One of his famous says is” There is an amazing thing somewhere that deserves to be discovered”. Carl Sagan believed in the existence of other creatures on other planets. So, we will tell you everything you need to know about Carl Sagan IQ.

Who is Carl Sagan?

His name is Carl Edward Sagan; he was born in Brooklyn on 9th Nov 1934. He was an American astronomer, cosmologist, planetary scientist, astrobiologist astrophysicist, author, and science communicator. Besides, he had made great noticeable success in astrology which can be proved by his science books like “the communicator” which about 500 million people have read in more than 60 countries. He died in 1996, however, his books are still alive and many have an interest in his books. So, we are talking about a very smart mind that has affected the science field with his brilliant mind. But what is Carl Sagan IQ?

Carl Sagan IQ

Carl Sagan IQ is 170 which is really high and proves his creative ideas and different way of thinking. For example, Carl Sagan believed that this wide Universe has many lives outside the Earth’s planet. And also he explained this idea as the universe is very huge that we can’t measure it, so there must be another planet that has the conditions for living on it. So, he has a high IQ that enables his mind to think in critical thinking with evidence and proves that he discussed his theories. So, let’s go through his childhood, education, and his scientific degrees besides his career bath.


Childhood is the best time to make your child smarter and improve his mind. As we have mentioned that Carl was born in New York Brooklyn. His parents were cooperative with him and helped him a lot even though his father was an immigrant textile worker and his mother was a housewife. Besides, Carl has a strong relationship with his parents, as each one of them affected him in a different way.

The effect of  Carl Sagan’s mother

 His mother’s target was academic goals however the family was poor and she was a wife. So, his mother put all her faith and goal in her son to achieve what she couldn’t. As. She used to encourage him for studying and even she bought a library ticket for him when his age was only 5 years old.

The effect of Carl Sagan’s father

His father also had a great role in Carl’s life in many situations. As we mentioned his father worked as a textile worker, however in his free time he used to distribute apples to poor people. Besides, he had many issues in solving the conflicts in the industry. Carl has curiosity about what his father is doing and his father used to tell him about these issues while a young age.

All of that had a great effect on the child that made him think a different way and improved his mind more. That’s why the family has affected Carl Sagan IQ.

The education

As we mentioned, Carl first time to enter the library when he was only 5 years old, which became a habit later. He shows a deep interest in nature as he used to like maps. However, during his classes, he felt bored with uninteresting subjects. So, his teacher asked their family to transfer him to another private school which would improve his exceptional talents and interests. But the family couldn’t do that as there was no money. But his IQ helped him without the help of private schools.

Scientific degrees of Carl Sagan

1- Chicago University

After secondary school, he went to Chicago University, while he was only 16 years old with very high degrees. He got his Ph.D. in 1960 Astronomy and astrophysics.

2- Havard University

He didn’t stop studying for a day. He joined Harvard University in 1968 and showed his brilliant mind and high IQ levels.

3- Cornell University

He joined also Cornell University in 1971 and became a university professor.

The career path of Carl Sagan proves his IQ

First: An associate professor

Second: Full professor at Cornell in 1970

Third: Associate Director of CRSR

He got the position of Associate director of the Center for Radiophysics and Space Research at Cornell from 1972 to 1981.

Fourth: The David Duncan Professor of Astronomy

He also got the position the David Duncan Professor of Astronomy and Space Sciences in 1976 till his death in 1996.

Fifth: Science communicator

He became a science communicator with a TV show “The universe”. He discussed many scientific issues about astronomy, which millions have watched it. In addition, he got two Emmy Awards, a Biabdi Award, and a Hugo Award for this show.

Sixth: Science writer

He also achieved great success in writing books about science fiction, astronomy, and astrology.

Carl Sagan achievements

He wrote many famous books that made great success such as:

  • The communicator story: It was written in 1985 and has been read by more than 500 million people worldwide. Moreover, it was performed as a movie in 1997.
  • Cosmos book: In it, he talks about a personal journey, but he has won many awards.
  • Planet Earth is a pale blue dot.
  • Billion billion
  • A world inhabited by monsters
  • The beasts of the Garden of Eden.
  • Scientific articles: He also published many scientific articles, which numbered 600 papers, due to the important information they contain and the product of Cars Sagan’s high intelligence. These papers and scientific articles have been archived in the Library of Congress despite it consisting of 595 thousand of pieces. So, Carl Sagan IQ proved his high IQ with his great achievements.

Carl Sagan Prizes and records

He got many prized and awards that prove that Carl Sagan IQ is 170. These prizes include such:

  • Klumpke-Roberts Award (1974)
  • NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal (1977)
  • Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction (1978)
  • Oersted Medal (1990)
  • Public Understanding of Science (1993)
  • National Academy of Sciences Public Welfare Medal (1994)


In conclusion, Carl Sagan is one of the most affected scientists in the history of science, till nowadays his books are famous. Carl Saga IQ was high that he exploited it in discovering nature, and space and inform normal people about it in a simple way. There are many great scientists with high IQs like Carl Sagan IQ such as Einstein.