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Snoop Dogg is one of the most famous celebrities as he is famous in many fields of Art which proves his high IQ. He is an American famous rapper, and singer, in addition to a songwriter, producer, and actor. Besides, he has a big number of fans all over the world. Every day he proves his intelligence and brilliant mind thinking as he had a lot of successful achievements. Moreover, he has made a great effect on the industry of Hip-Hop. Let’s talk about Snoop Dogg IQ, his life path and how he got this IQ level.

Who is Snoop Dogg?

His real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. He was born on 20th Oct 1971. His famous name is Snoop Doggy or dog. His cousin was Sasha Banks the WWE wrestling. He was born to Vernell Varnado, and Beverly Tate who has African origins, however, they settled in long beach in California in the United States of America. Actually, he has triple Ancestry as while testing his DNA he got three origins African, American, and European. The most average was the African with 71%, then the Native American with 23%, and the European with 6%. Usually, the mixture of more origins results in high intelligent mind and a brilliant personality.

 What is Snoop Dogg IQ?

Snoop Dogg IQ

Many assume that Snoop Dogg has a high IQ since he shows of persistence and creativity. He had done the IQ test and got 147 which means that he is a genius figure. In addition, have a lot of talents and got many prizes in many fields. The IQ test is a measure of intelligence; however, personality proves this test in practical life. He was a major contributor to the WWE Hall of Fame induction for professional wrestlers. So, we will see how creativity and intelligence played their role in Snoop Dogg’s life.

Childhood affected Snoop Dogg IQ

He was born in long beach in California the United States of America. His family origin is from Africa. His parents called him “Snoopy” the anthropomorphic beagle in the comic “Peanut”. However, he changed it later to “Snoopy Lion”, but the old nickname was the most well-known.


He joined Long Beach Polytechnic High School and graduated from it. Although he was arrested frequently for drug possession during his teenage age, he could change his life for the better one. He used to sing while he was in high school. Moreover, he was famous for the rape between his family and friends.

The career path and signs of Snoop Dogg IQ

He has passed through many things during his career path such as:


While his teenager he began as a pianist in the church of the Golgotha Trinity Baptist as he was passionate about music. It was just the begging of the talented rapper-singer after his high school.

Singer and songs writer

In 1992, he began his career as a singer with the solo song “Deep cover”, and then he published his first album “The Chronic”. He sold about 35 million albums all over the world, and then he became a famous rapper and singer. Famous rapper and producer Dr. Dre has discovered his talent as Snoop Dogg. Due to most of his songs with Dr.Dre the famous singer and producer, he had a great success.

Later, he released many albums such as Doggystyle (1993), Tha Doggfather (1996), Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told (1998), No Limit Top Dogg (1999), Tha Last Meal (2000), Paid the Cost to Be da Boss (2002), R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece (2004), Doggumentary (2011), Coolaid (2016), Neva Left (2017), I Wanna Thank Me (2019), BODR (2022)… etc.


While he has acted in many famous successful movies, so he became one of the best actors. Besides he has many famous celebrities in Hollywood such as Brandy Norwood, William Ray Norwood, and Delmar Drew Arnaud. The most famous movies are Dolemite Is My Name (2019), Half Baked (1998), Baby boy (2001 (The Beach Bum (2018), Starsky & Hutch (2004)…etc.


Not only that, but he also was a successful Movie producer that has produced many successful Movies. Therefore, he developed his career to a higher level and experienced another field instead of his talents of singing and writing songs.

Football Coaching

You may be surprised what led him to be a football coach in 2002; however, with a high IQ, you may succeed in many categories. So, he was a creative brilliant mind. In addition, he didn’t miss any chance to use his intelligence and prove his high-quality thinking in various situations. Besides, he made a hard decision to quit smoking while coaching to be a good example for the famous healthy coach.

Henkilökohtainen elämä

Snoop Dogg has chosen his old friend from high school Shante Broadus and married her after a long love story in 1997. Thus, that proves that he insists on his goals and strives to reach them. Nowadays, he has 4 sons from his lover.

Awards to Snoop Dogg

Thanks to his high IQ, Snoop Dogg has got more than 15 awards from different countries all over the world such as the below:

  • Billboard Music Award for Top Male Artist 1994
  • Soul Train Music Award for Best Rap Album 1995
  • American Music Award for Favorite Artist 1995
  • MTV Europe Music Award for Best Hip Hop 2005
  • Youtube Music Award 2015
  • MTV Australia Award for Best Hip-Hop 2006-2007
  • MTV Europe Music Award for Best Video 2010
  • Independent Music Award for Best Song 2018
  • Multishow Brazilian Music Awards 2019

Final words on Snoop Dogg achievements and high IQ

In conclusion, Snoop Dogg is one of the most loved celebrities and impactful artists in America and worldwide as he is humble and simple. In addition, he has made a great history full of successful rap songs that had scored the highest number of views on Youtube. Besides the movies that he had acted in, it succeeded because of his participation in them. Finally, his practical life proved his higher intelligence and that his IQ definitely is 147.

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