Marilyn Monroe IQ is higher than Albert Einstein!

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe in 1953, Photoplay magazine.

मर्लिन मुनरो IQ

Being a public figure is not an easy way, celebrities had many hard times in their life that has prepared them to get to their position nowadays, and one of the most important iconic figures is Marilyn Monroe who many are arguing about her IQ score.

Marilyn Monroe was a famous American iconic actress, model, and singer as well in the golden age of Hollywood. She was born in 1962 and died in 1962 however her name and pictures are still alive all over the world due to her great success in Hollywood.

The most known thing is that she was a successful beautiful figure, But did she really a dumb blonde as some called her? Or she really had a higher IQ score than Albert Einstein? If you want to know the real truth about Marilyn Monroe’s IQ, continue reading the article till the end.

What was Marilyn Monroe’s IQ?

Being a beautiful woman sometimes makes people think that she is not much intelligent. That’s why sometimes people called Marilyn Monroe “Dumb blond”. However, the opposite was the truth.  

Many are wondering about her high IQ while other claims that this is a rumor. In addition, there are many facts that can lead us to the truth about her highest IQ. Actually, there is no evidence that Marilyn had made the IQ test, some claims that she did it and some deny that.

Most of them said that Marilyn Monroe IQ score is 168 which mean she was really intelligent. If you want to know what affected her mental abilities and what proves it let’s go through her life.

Monroe’s childhood affected her Intelligence score

She had many shocks in her childhood as her father and mother separated even before her birth. Marilyn herself said that she has never known her father. In addition, for the first 7 years of her life, she didn’t know her mother.

Marilyn Monroe Childhood
Marilyn Monroe Childhood: Photo by Archive Photos/Getty Images

She was raised in an orphan house which made her take her decisions herself and get a strong personality. Even she married her first marriage while she was only 16 years old.

Marilyn Monroe Education

Actually, Marilyn Monroe didn’t complete her education in high school due to the hard circumstances that we had mentioned in the previous point. However, she didn’t give up and she learned by her own self in many fields of life.

As she had more than 400 volumes of many books collections in many fields such as Art, history, politics, philosophy, intellect, Politics, poetry, literature…etc. The most famous books were by Sigmund Freud.

All of this proves that she was eager to know more and more about everything. In addition, Marilyn Monroe was known to have great relationships as she built an attractive sustaining image of herself.

Marilyn Monroe career development proves her IQ score

One of the pieces of evidence of her intelligence is that she developed quickly in her career. Actually, the beginning was by chance as a photo was taken for her then she became famous in Modeling.

Then she was requested to sign a contract for Fox Company. This was only the beginning as due to her intelligence she was eager to learn everything about acting.

Her dream was a success and she achieved that in a very short time. Besides, she changed her real name which was Norma Jeane Mortenson to a catchy memorable name Marilyn Monroe.

Although her astonishing success in her first movies, she keeps on attending acting courses to improve her performance and expressions. So, she got more success in more movies, and also she kept coloring her hair blonde as she was most famous as a blonde.

Later after she got more money she studied Art and literature at California University in Los Anglos.

Marilyn Monroe life and IQ score

As we mentioned, she married earlier when she was only 16 years old even before her involvement in acting. Her spouse in the first marriage was James Dougherty but they divorced as she was so young when choosing him.

While the second was Joe DiMaggio an American baseball, however, their marriage only lasted for 8 months. And the third was Arthur Miller who was a playwright, essayist, and screenwriter in the American theatre Marilyn converted her religion to Judaism to be close to him and his family.

Marilyn Monroe IQ vs Albert Einstein

 अल्बर्ट आइंस्टीन is known to be the most intelligent and genius scientist of all ages. His IQ test is 160 (see our Albert Einstein IQ article) which make it confusing to believe that Marilyn Monroe has a higher IQ than Albert Einstein. They were in the same era and even they met each other once by chance.

However, there is no more evidence about that, since at their time the IQ test was not widespread. Furthermore, the IQ test at that time was not developed like nowadays. As the tests differ from one individual to another so what Einstein took is different from what Marilyn Monroe took.

IQ Score Comaraison

So, we can’t compare both results since each one is intelligent in his field of life. Therefore, Marilyn Monroe was intelligent in her career and her public relations, while Albert Einstein was an intelligent physicist.

In conclusion, Marilyn Monroe was intelligent even if we are not sure of the IQ test but she proved that through her success as an American model, actress and singer as well.

The practical life proves her social intelligence and the cultural background she got by herself. Working on her developing herself proves her intelligence as she didn’t rely on her beauty only. But she worked harder to improve her performance. In addition, she didn’t miss any chance to prove her ambition and curiosity as she read a lot of books and got more knowledge.

All that led her to be one of the most famous iconic figures that all generations know even after her death. Finally, she is now an icon of American popular culture.

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