Rick Sanchez IQ, Discoveries And Inventions


Rick Sanchez IQ, Discoveries And Inventions


Rick Sanchez is one of the most famous and intelligent fictional characters created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, famous for having the highest IQ in the world. He is a fictional character who is fond of science and science fiction alike. Besides, it first appeared in 2013, and nowadays it has great fame everywhere. The episodes of this series are called “Rick and Morty” as Mori is his grandson. So, let’s talk about Rick Sanchez IQ and why he is considered the most intelligent human in the universe.

The IQ test is a method to measure the IQ of the human mind, which many celebrities and politicians have taken. Psychologists revise the test every few years to match the new abilities and development of science and technology. The expected average is between 85 and 115 percent, while it can be smart with above than 130 percent. Let’s go through Rick Sanchez to approve in high IQ.

Rick Sanchez IQ
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Creating the fictional character

As we just mentioned, his fictional character was created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. In addition, Adult swim produced it as it made a great success with its five seasons. Rick Sanchez is a very smart scientist, although he has other bad qualities such as antisocial personality and alcoholic. He doesn’t like a lot of things in life. Although he made some bad mistakes in some episodes, however, he definitely with the highest IQ that no one could compete.

Rick appears in the later episodes of the TV series “Rick and Morty” in a form of unparalleled intelligence and genius. So, he appears in one of the episodes in a smarter mind than a physical being. As he was a very smart mind that he could alone defeat the evil. Therefore, that shows that he has a genius mind. Besides, it is proof that Rick Sanchez has a high IQ that may exceed 300.

What is the IQ of Rick Sanchez?

He is known as Rick Sanchez C-137. Most believe that Rich Sanchez has an IQ that may exceed 300 as he had great knowledge. Besides, he was known as the Rickest of Ricks which proves his smartness over other non original Ricks. Moreover, he has noticeable intelligence and creativity in the field of science and technology. Besides, the test includes more categories, so a high score means passing many categories in various fields of life.                                             

Rick Sanchez special qualifies

He has a special appearance of blue hair as he got his mother’s dominant blue gene. In addition to his tall appearance as his age was revealed in the third season which is 70 years old. However, his back is still up and not bent like others in his age. Besides, he has great effectiveness in science fiction technology. He is a little optimistic as he knows everything about the world, so nothing new to know or seek.

Rick Sanchez thoughts

Rick Sanchez has many thoughts and beliefs depending on his way of thinking such as love, he doesn’t like love or to fall in love. He also said about love: “Listen, Morty, I hate to break it to you, but what people call “love” is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It hits hard, Morty, then it slowly fades, leaving you stranded in a failing marriage”.

Rick is a crazy scientist as well as antisocial, and he finds life a painful and useless experience because he knows everything about it.  So, he is a genius he knows everything such as the universe, portal guns, dimensions, planets, and space. Science fiction technology has affected him a lot, as has a great passion for science. Thus, he could succeed in this field and have much advancement and various discoveries.

Discoveries and inventions

The most powerful evidence of his intelligence is that he can fly his car with a battery. Not only that, but this battery has a mini-universe or micro-universe. Besides, the inhabitants of this universe provide the battery with the needed electricity without them knowing that. So, this proves his intelligence and genius level. Moreover, Rick Sanchez’s IQ is maybe 500 as he has made another copy of himself in another universe.

Many believe that after building the portal gun, he proved to be the smartest without any competitors. Later, after the explosion of this portal gun, Rick added a fake memory that his wife and daughter Beth were dead after this explosion. That is also evidence of his genius mind as he knew that they were inserting a virus in the mind-reading machine. So, he invented this memory to mislead them and that proves that he has a high IQ with fast actions and decisions after critical thinking.

Rick Sanchez and dimensions

In the five seasons of “Rick and Morty” T.V. show, most of the time Rick was developing and creating dimensions from other universes from himself or his family. For instance, when he used the Love Potion with the entire Earth, he transformed himself and his family into other dimensions to heal the damage in the Earth Dimensions.

His family

Rick Sanchez has a big family as he married Diane Sanchez and got two daughters who are Beth Smith and Beth Satellite and her husband Jerry Smith. Besides, he has three grandsons who he can’t imagine his life without them Summer Smith, Morty Smith, and Morty Smith, Jr. In addition, he has an adoptive son Ricketts. However, Morty Smith was the second main character in the T.V. show that has many adventures with his grandfather Rick Sanchez. They traveled in space and visited other universes and planets besides changing to different dimensions. In one episode Rick was about to sacrifice himself to save his grandson Morty.

Conclusion: Rick Sanchez IQ

In conclusion, Rick Sanchez is the most genius fiction character; his IQ maybe 300 or 400. Besides, he has a lot of creative and intelligent thoughts as every episode proves it. Many fans love his character and his intelligent mind that has critical thinking and creative thoughts with science fiction technology.

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