Ted Bundy IQ, Childhood And Criminal History


Ted Bundy IQ, Childhood And Criminal History

Having a high IQ is a double-edged weapon as some has used it to benefit the world such as Einstein while others used it in a terrible way the serial killer Ted Bundy IQ was high, however, he used it to kill and rap girls. Ted Bundy is one of the criminals who have confessed to killing and rapping more than 35 girls. Sometimes the high IQ is indignation for his owner, as Ted Bundy used his mental abilities to satisfy his evil desires to kill, rape the dead, and escape justice. Moreover, he was the most criminal and evil serial killer, killing many girls from 1970 to 1984. So, let’s go through his life including his childhood, family, education, and his crimes.

Who is Ted Bundy?

His name is Theodore Robert Bundy; he was born on 24th Nov 1964. He was one of the most famous killers and slaughterers that have committed many crimes brutally. Besides, he was handsome and charismatic to attract girls to trust him and then do his cruel crime. In addition; he used to have intercourse with the dead girls after he cuts their heads. The police caught and imprisoned him, but he escaped several times. In the end, the court sentenced him to execution in Florida in Rayford Prison by the electric chair on January 24, 1989.

Тед Банді IQ

Performing many crimes and escaping without the police catching him, that’s Ted Bundy. As he used his high IQ in committing his crimes without leaving any evidence that reveals his identity. Besides, he used his intelligent thinking to escape. So, we can’t deny his high IQ. Ted Bendy IQ is 136, but he used this intelligence to mischief and evil.

Ted Bendy Childhood

His childhood was normal at the beginning of his life till his teen ages.  He lived with his family as his grandparents claimed to be his parents. They tried to hide the shame of their daughter as she had ted Bendy from a man who left her and his child. Besides, his real mother Eleanor Louise Coyle acted as his sister. Later, in his teen ages, he found his real birth certificate with his real father’s name. It was a shock for Ted that his mother lied to him all these years which made him more aggressive. After his mother married again, he got his stepfather’s name.

As mentioned in Ted Bundy’s interview, he was a normal child from a religious catholic family. Besides, he used to go to church daily. One day he was walking in a street where people through their garbage. So, He found pornographic magazines, but they represented sexual violence. That moment affected him as he became addicted to them. And turn to violent porn movies, too.

Unfortunately, Ted Bundy IQ was high that he used it in improving his imagination. These films and pictures fed the imagination of this teenager, as the stage of adolescence is a very critical stage. In the end, Ted wanted to implement what he saw as practical, but he wanted more violence. He thought that the more violence, the more excited he had. Unfortunately, this addiction descended with him to lure the victims with his handsomeness to an isolated place, and then killed and raped them while they were dead.

The education

The surprise is that he joined the law college in Washington in 1946. Besides, he was smart and cultured. So, no one can imagine that he did all these crimes with this cruel heart. Besides, Ted Bundy IQ was noticeable with his charisma.

The criminal history of Ted Bundy

As we have mentioned Ted Bundy IQ was 136 which is high, so he had a smart plan to reach his prey. So, he exploited his handsomeness, culture, and a charismatic character to influence girls. In addition, he used to meet them in a Public place, and then he lured them to a secluded or deserted place. Finally, he kills them with head slaughter or brutally smashing their heads and then raping them. Moreover, he would return again to the same place and the corpse and rape them while they were dead. His first crime was on 31 Jan 1974, as Linda in Hilly was found killed and rapped without any fingerprints at the crime scene.

This was just the beginning as these accidents happened many times in many states such as Oregon, Washington, Florida…etc

Getting arrested

Although Ted Bendy IQ was high, the police arrested him at the end of 16 Aug 1975. Actually, it was by chance that he was suspected of stealing a car. Later, he was sentenced to 15 years in a Utah state prison.

Ted Bundy IQ led him to escape prison

Ted Bundy IQ led him as usual to evil things, as he tried to escape from the prison twice. He failed the first time, but the second try was brilliant as used his intelligence to put up an escape plan. So, he escaped through a hole in the ceiling of his prison cell that no one can imagine escaping from the ceiling by cutting it with a metal saw. Outside the prison, he stole cars and changed them frequently and also used trains and buses just to mislead the police.

Ted Bundy execution

Finally, after murdering many innocent girls cruelly and rapping them after their death, he got his death by the execution in the electric chair in Florida. As his death satisfied the families of his victims.

In conclusion, Ted Bundy IQ led him to be evil so he didn’t try to use it for more education or even improve his career as many other celebrities with high IQs such as Steve Jobs. Although passed by difficult childhood as he didn’t live with his family, he didn’t turn evil on contrary; he made great innovations in the world. So, having a high IQ is not usually a good thing as each human has to make his choices and decide which path to take.