Jeff Bezos IQ, Childhood, Family, Career, Rewards and prizes

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Jeff Bezos IQ, Childhood, Family, Career, Rewards and prizes

American information technology companies are considered among the most affected companies in the world, as they are more successful and achieve the highest sales, Amazon is a leading E-commerce that Jeff Bezos IQ helped him to make it the strongest company in the world.

So, we will talk about Jeff Bezos who has proved his efficiency in leading one of the most successful companies Amazon.

Not only Amazon but he achieved also many other valuable achievements in space. Besides, he has used his intelligence and mental abilities to benefit the world with his E-commerce.

Let’s go through his life and get to know more about his childhood, family, education, and career path.

Who is Jeff Bezos?

His name is Jeffrey Preston Bezos, he was born on 12 Jan 1964 in Houston, Miami. He is an American businessman who founded Amazon E-commerce website in Seattle Washington.

Besides, he is a former CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of In addition, he has passed through many challenges, however, he insisted on his goal.

Nowadays he is the second richest Businessman in the world with a net worth of about 171 billion USD according to Forbes magazine. So, let’s check how he reached all this fame and success.

Jeff Bezos IQ

Jeff Bezos is believed to have great intelligence that enabled him to get the idea of and could achieve it.

So, his IQ score is 150 which means his intelligence and mental abilities made him the most successful Businessman.

In addition, Jeff Bezos has an IQ score similar to Elon Musk as both of them are at the top of the richest successful Businessmen all over the world.

So, how he used this high IQ? What are Jeff Bezos’s achievements? Let’s see that in the next points.

Childhood and family

As we have mentioned, he was born in 1964 in Miami. His real father was an immigrant Ted Jorgensen and his mother Jacklyn Bezos.

 His mother was still in secondary school when he was born. Actually, his step-father Miguel Bezos adopted him and he was called after him Jeff Bezos.

So, he has a humble childhood as he was from a normal family. In addition, he had a passion for science-fiction stories, besides, he dreamed of traveling to space.


Jeff Bezos went to Miami Palmetto High School and graduated in 1982.

Then, he studied what he has passionate about it and he joined Princeton University, New Jersey, USA.

Jeff Bezos IQ helped him to get a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. After that, he began his dream and achievements.

Jeff Bezos IQ and his Career Path

Jeff Bezos IQ led him to develop his career as he began as a small employee till he became nowadays the most famous Businessman in the world. His career path includes:

Computer Developer

Jeff began his professional history in several companies, including Fitel, a fintech telecommunications start-up. Besides, in this company, his main role was to build a network for international trade.

Director of the customer service

Due to Jeff Bezos IQ that was high, he was promoted in a very short time. So, he held the position of Director of the customer service

Product Manager

Jeff Bezos IQ was a great alert for him to move to another challenge so that he can get more success and achieve his dreams. So, he became a product manager at Bankers Trust.

Vice President

He was the youngest vice president in history and he was promoted to vice president due to his high intelligence and commitment.

Financial analyst

He was a financial analyst at D.E Shaw Financial Services, where he found investment opportunities in the internet networks sector.

Founder and CEO of

Jeff Bezos founded the giant E-commerce company Amazon in 1994, where the first beginning was in a garage in Seattle Washington.

However, he had high ambitions and analytical thinking to improve it more.

In addition, his idea for Amazon was dedicated first to selling electronic books. Nowadays, Amazon is one the biggest retail online stores in the world.

Executive chairman of Amazon’s board

Finally, he transmitted from CEO to executive chairman of this giant project.

Founder of Blue Origin

It is an American company for aerospace industries and services, founded in 2000 by Jeff Bezos in Kent, Washington.

It was opened in 2021 and Jeff made his first space flight, where Jeff Bezos IQ led him to fulfill his childhood dream, which was fond of space.

How Jeff Bezos IQ helped him make valuable achievements?

Jeff Bezos created a huge clock which was 150 m, he symbolizes “long-term thinking”.

One of the most important achievements was “Kindle” which enables many people to download electronic books easily through the internet.

The creation of Amazon was very difficult as it was the beginning of a new online retail. So, Jeff Bezos searched for many investors.

He searched for investors for a long time and met about 60 investors. But many rejected the idea, but he never gave up and pursued his dream a lot until it came true.

Finally, he began his dream with only 100,000 $ only, that’s why he established it in a garage.


Jeff Bezos has written one valuable book that many have read to benefit from Jeff Bezos IQ and practical experience in many fields of Business.

Invent and Wander book, the introduction was written by Walter Isaacson and Jeff Bezos.

Rewards and prizes resulted from Jeff Bezos IQ

Amazon company has made a great reputation since it is now the highest profitable company in the world as well as the highest marketing value.

So, Jeff Bezos deserved many prizes for the intelligence that he used to benefit the world. These prizes such as:

  • James Smithson 100th Jubilee Medal – 2016.
  • The Person of the Year 1999 (Times Magazine).


Jeff Bezos IQ led him to accomplish many valuable things that have a great effect on the world. In addition, to his new project of blue origin that he began to invade space. So, let’s see what other things he may surprise us with within the coming year. You also can check your IQ test.